About The Chamber
Board of Directors
John E. Lang, President
Carrie Cormican-Pickens, Vice President
Milinda Wright, Treasurer

Board Members
Ed Cole
Susan Gilman

The Greater Clinton Chamber of Commerce is available to residents, business owners, and
visitors of Vermillion County.  Also, we feel it is our duty to welcome new residents and
businesses to the area.  

Known originally as the Exchange Club, local merchants created a team of networking
businesses that served each other as well as the community.  In 1953, the Exchange Club
was disbanded to make way for the county's first and only Chamber of Commerce. Serving  
the southern half of the county, the Clinton Chamber provided more information and support
about generating events that would assist in generating revenue locally. With the dormancy
of Vermillion County Improvement Association in early 2002, The Chamber of Commerce
assumed the roles and duties of the VCIA, which included issues in the northern half of the
county.  With no opposition, the Clinton Chamber assumed the name and responsibilities of
its new title, The Greater Clinton Chamber of Commerce.
Monthly Member Meetings
The Greater Clinton
Chamber of
Commerce holds
monthly business
luncheons meetings
at several local
restaurants starting
at 12:00 p.m.  
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